The Centre has a secretariat to carry out its programmes and activities. The secretariat consists of the Executive Director, Finance Assistant, and Programme Manager/Assistant.

The centre, however, mostly (and primarily) relies so much on the volunteers and interns who spend their precious time to contribute towards the implementation of the activities in various ways. The volunteers are involved in carrying out research, documentation of resources at the Centre, fundraising activities, etc.

In return, they gain experience and expertise, which they use when they finally get employment with other already long established organisations.

Board of Trustees

The affairs of the CRIDOC are managed by the Board of the registered trustees – at least at policy level – who exercise all such powers of the CRIDOC regarding the financial, management and general administrative matters and all other matters of fundamental importance.

The majority members of the Board of Trustees are youths drawn from various disciplines such as law, education, theology, medicine, communications, and business. CRIDOC